History of the Student Affairs Department

The Public Registration Authority was established in 1968 in Tanuma and then changed its name to the Directorate of Student Affairs units in 1986 and then changed its name to the Student Affairs Department in 1991.

Since its inception, the department's work includes the Center for Receiving and Guiding Basra University to receive and deliver applications for admission to Iraqi universities and institutes for students graduating from preparatory school in its branches (scientific, literary and Islamic) where it begins Work in this center when the results of the preparatory exams for the first round appear, where students and school principals flock to receive the application form and student guide and accessories and explain how they are filled and delivered to the departments of middle schools and then bring them to The Department of Student Affairs by the school departments after the establishment of the students' grades and sealing to begin the work in the department and sort it and seal it and send them in the form of meals to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Central Admissions Department and continues the work until the emergence of the results of admission to begin the stage of objections for students who did not appear to accept or modify the nomination.

Currently, central committees have been formed to receive and assist students in filling out the electronic form, where a computer-equipped and purpose-equipped hall has been set up and other committees to follow up on the introduction of the data of middle school students and send them to the Ministry of Education.

The Student Affairs Department is one of the supporting departments that oversees a range of programs and services supporting the university's educational process, which aims to take care of students and create the right environment for them to collect, where the department supervises the affairs of students in university colleges and implements the instructions and controls for student affairs (transfer, amendment of candidacy, hosting, exam of 100%, transfer from outside Iraq, ...... Etc.)

The documents of students admitted to colleges, morning and evening studies and all channels of admission to the university are also checked, as well as through its three divisions (administrative, admission, audit) following the matters of students from the date of admission and until their graduation and the department issues the validity of the issuance of graduate student documents in various ministries and departments of the state.

The department also prepared the admission plan for morning and evening preliminary studies in cooperation with the colleges to be presented to the University Council for approval and sent to the ministry.